52 Ways to Worship: A Year of Exploring Religious Traditions


This is a book that will help you navigate your own faith. It explores in a rather journalistic way what churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, and other religious centers look like on the inside. It’s for the seeker who might never have the time, energy, or freedom to do more than wonder what’s happening on any given weekend behind the closed doors of different houses of worship. But it’s also more than just a tour of buildings. It’s a comparative religions class with feet, and it’s the first step to beginning a conversation with someone who might not see things your way.

Join Stacy Morgan—children’s author, former journalist, and professor—as she takes a year to visit a wide variety of religious communities, engages them in conversation, records observations of their worship, and opens herself to the presence of God among them. Each month’s accounts are followed by questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

In this age of both pluralism and religious divisiveness, we all need a better understanding of the deeply held beliefs and practices of those who worship in ways we may not know or appreciate. This is your guidebook to the insides of communities all over the country.


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