Meth property disclosure law moves forward in House

(WISH Photo, file)
(WISH Photo, file)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A bill that would provide additional oversight on the sale of former methamphetamine labs is one step closer to becoming law.

Last year, I-Team 8 found some of former meth labs weren’t being disclosed during property sales due to a loophole in state law. I-Team 8’s investigation also showed a “master list” of former methamphetamine labs maintained by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency was outdated and incomplete.

House Bill 1141, authored by Rep. Wendy McNamara (R-Mount Vernon), is intended to close those loopholes, and make buyers aware of a property’s true history. It would remove provisions in the state’s current law that allow records concerning formerly contaminated properties, including rental properties, to become confidential.

The measure was approved by the House Government and Regulatory Reform Committee on Tuesday.

It also requires Indiana State Police to publish an online list of both contaminated and decontaminated properties. I-Team 8’s investigation found some homes may still contain high levels of dangerous meth residue years after they were declared “clean.”

The bill now moves to the full House for consideration.

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