Committee looks at helping ex-cons get back to work

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Members of the City-County Council may have a way to reduce crime in Indianapolis. It’s called “Ban the Box.”

That’s a national campaign to make sure criminal records are not automatic disqualification for people seeking jobs.

Supporters say ex-cons who go back to work are less-likely to get in trouble, again.

Wednesday night, a council committee approved a version of that concept for Indianapolis.

“Everyone who makes mistakes and owns up to those mistakes, pays for those mistakes and then demonstrates that they have learned from those mistakes should be given another chance,” City-County Councillor Vop Osili said.

Osili also said this doesn’t eliminate the option of a background check. It just would eliminate a blanket ban on hiring ex-cons.

If it passes the full council, this proposal would apply, first, to hiring by the City of Indianapolis or by county government agencies. It would also apply to companies that do business with the city or the county.

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