Utility companies offer help paying high bills

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – After another round of extreme cold, utility companies are offering help for customers struggling to pay higher bills.

Citizens Energy says, because of the volume of calls the company is receiving, it may be faster and easier to find help online.

  • Click the ‘Contact Us’ section of its web site and fill out a form to explain the issue.
  • Call (317)924-3311

IPL says customers could see a 10 percent jump in their bill this month over February 2013.

To manage the cost, representatives say customers can:

  • Sign up for Budget Billing, paying the same amount for 11 months, then settling the difference during the last month.
  • Select a Preferred Bill Date, choosing a due date that matches a payday.
  • Request a Payment Extension or Financial Assistance online.
  • Call 317-261-8222


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