How to Get Started with a Mini Marathon Training Program

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Laura Kegerreis, LAT, CEAS, Franciscan St. Francis Sports Medicine offers up tips from St. Francis Sports Medicine  on how to get started training for the Mini! Believe it or not it’s 12 weeks away! Time to start training but you don’t have to go it alone we can be with every step of the way.

1. As you begin to train, alternate between hard, medium and easy workouts.

2. Start slow and gradually increase your mileage each week.

3. Jawbone UP is a tool that can be used to set goals, view your activity trends, and motivate as you exercise.

4. You can use UP to record what you eat during the day, your emotions, what exercise activity you do, intensity and how long you were active. Set an idle alert to encourage you to get up and move.

5. There is still time to join a training program. Franciscan St. Francis Health has partnered with the Baxter YMCA. To register, call (317) 881-9347. (NOTE: please put Franciscan and YMCA logos on screen)

6. Weekly Contest: $50 gift card to Blue Mile. To enter, visit or the WISH-TV contest page. (NOTE: please put Franciscan, Blue Mile and Mini-Marathon logos on screen)

7. All entries are also registered for the grand prize Jawbone UP



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