State Sen. Mike Delph launches Twitter tirade

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — State Senator Mike Delph is on a Twitter tirade. The Carmel Republican bombarded social media overnight with his views on the marriage amendment.

On his public Twitter page you can find dozens and dozens of posts beginning Thursday night that spell out his disappointment over the fact that there will be no marriage referendum this year.

It’s been called a meltdown by some, a filibuster by others.

“Is it intellectually honest to think the Bible supports gay marriage?” reads one of the Delph tweets.

In another he writes, “Sin is not allowed according to scripture. I didn’t make the rules.”

Senator Delph authored an amendment to restore the second sentence of the marriage bill in an effort to keep a referendum alive. He didn’t offer it when the bill was called on the Senate floor because GOP leadership instructed him not to.

GOP leader David Long said on Thursday, “That’s how we operate in the Senate caucus.”

Delph clearly doesn’t like it. He tweeted that “Many conservatives are tired of liberal to moderate GOP leadership.”

He also took on some in the media with this, “Please write about your blatant anti-Christian advocacy.”

And he had this for opponents to the marriage amendment, “According to Lilly and Cummins talent doesn’t exist outside of the gay community.”

Barbara James is from a church in Delph’s district, “And I am thrilled the second sentence wasn’t added back in.”

And Delph said his biggest criticism is for churches in Carmel. “You should all be ashamed,” he tweeted.

“I am attacking the culture and hypocrisy of modern political correctness,” Delph summed up at one point. “It sickens me.”

Delph declined an interview but promised a big announcement on Monday.

Look for him to challenge David Long for the leadership of the Senate GOP.

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