Lawmakers oppose later deadline for school testing

(WISH Photo/Ron Nakasone)
(WISH Photo/Ron Nakasone)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana lawmakers have decided not to push back the deadline for the State Board of Education to test new education standards required under pending legislation.

House members voted 60-28 against the amendment on Wednesday.

The legislation would require the state to throw out national Common Core standards currently in place and the Board of Education to create new, Indiana-specific guidelines for what students should be learning in each grade level.

The board would have until July to create the standards and until the 2015-2016 school year to test them.

Democratic state Rep. Kreg Battles of Vincennes proposed the amendment setting 2015-16 as the deadline only for a pilot test of the standards. He says rushing could cause problems for teachers and schools.

The bill now goes before the full House.

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