Senate approves pared-back Pence priorities

Gov. Mike Pence. (WISH Photo)
Gov. Mike Pence. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana Senate is advancing a pair of measures sought by Gov. Mike Pence with little of what the governor originally asked for.

The Senate voted unanimously Thursday to approve a road-funding plan with half the $400 million the governor had originally sought. The Senate later voted overwhelmingly for a plan that would have lawmakers study preschool vouchers for one year before approving any new programs.

Thursday’s Senate votes are hardly the final ones of the session but are continuing signs of the struggles Pence has had inside the Statehouse.

Lawmakers plan to spend much of their time meeting in negotiations to hammer out compromises in the next two weeks. Pence has launched a last-minute lobbying plan outside the Statehouse to try to salvage his agenda.

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