Indy’s parole program to get more assistance

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Plans to keep offenders from re-offending were released Wednesday morning at the City-County Building. A table filled with investigators, parole officers and family center workers revealed the plan together.

Under the plan an on-site parole officer will be stationed at each police district in Indianapolis, and will give officers information about where each parolee lives. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) and Indiana Department of Correction have been working on the comprehensive plan.

“Having the presence of a parole office in our district has given us a much better understanding of exactly who is re-entering our community and what their needs are,” said IMPD Deputy Chief Brian Mahone.

The new program will also help parolees with housing, employment and other transitional services. According to the City-County Council Re-Entry Commission Report, for every 1 percent of re-entrants who do not return to the Department of Correction, the city saves about $1.5 million. This new program will not cost taxpayers any additional money. The plan first started in the Northwest District. Officers were pleased with the results and then decided to expand it to the other five districts.

“Public safety is a community issue,” said Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. “This effort is part of a larger holistic plan to reduce violence, connect re-entrants with much-needed services and make our neighborhoods safer.”

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