Dad accused of killing 2-year-old pleads guilty

Micah Harrison. (Provided Photo)
Micah Harrison. (Provided Photo)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — A man about to go on trial for his 2-year-old son’s murder pleaded guilty on Wednesday, court officials said.

Micah Harrison’s trial was expected to begin this week. Jury selection was already underway. Harrison had been accused of killing his son, Michael, while the two of them were visiting family in Noblesville. Harrison had been living in Alabama.

On Wednesday, Harrison pleaded guilty but mentally ill to murder as part of a plea deal. Under the agreement, Harrison would serve 55 years in prison. The judge will consider the agreement and sentence Harrison on March 26.

Court documents show Harrison was found on top of his son, stabbing him with a kitchen knife. 

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