Cover your hind end with Lycia from Gray Goat Sports

Biking can leave you with sore legs, but it’s shouldn’t leave with a sore bum. Brian Gootee from Gray Goat Sports explains why every cyclist needs a good pair of cycling shorts. If you attend a local spin class this goes for you too!

When you put bike shorts on over underwear, you end up sitting on the seams in the undies, which compromise a seamless bike short’s ability to prevent pain. Seams cut circulation and form bumps that chafe and hurt. Besides, cycling shorts already include a layer of padding (called a chamois), because makers know you won’t be wearing anything under the shorts. Whether you prefer boxers, briefs or bikinis, leave them at home to get all the comfort cycling shorts offer. (Plus, you’ll eliminate those unsightly panty lines.) There is one time to always wear underwear: when you’re trying on new cycling shorts in the store — but you probably already knew that.

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