Debby Knox working to stay fit in retirement

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Back in November, when Debby Knox retired after 33 years at WISH-TV, she had shed 40 pounds.

But would a more leisurely lifestyle make it tough to keep the weight off? 24-Hour News 8 sat down with Debby to check up on her effort to get and stay healthy.

“I feel really good. I have a lot more energy. And I can get into a much smaller size dress and that’s all fun,” she said with a smile on her face.

It’s been four months since Debby retired after more than three decades at WISH-TV, and exercise is still an important part of her daily life.

Just before she retired, Debby showed us how she had dropped more than 40 pounds by working out five days a week and changing her eating habits. She still goes to the gym most mornings, though she says it’s a different kind of work out these days.

And the pounds are still coming off.

“I did a lot of cardio in the beginning to try and burn the fat out, because I had a lot of fat to lose. 56 pounds now. But now it’s more important in some ways to build muscle,” she says.

So while she still does cardio, she’s shifted her emphasis.

“So I’m doing a lot more dead weights, and lunges and lifting, and that sort of thing. So I’m spending a lot more time lifting weight,” she says.

Of course retirement is about a lot more than just working out. She’s working on a documentary and doing some occasional travel. It is, she says, a great time of life. Especially when you’re healthy.

“You know, it just feels good to be stronger as I get older. I think it’s really important, you know I look at my mom, I look at my dad, you know you just want to hang onto your health, that’s what you really want to do,” she says.

Debby says retirement takes away the daily “stress” of work and she says that helps add to her healthier lifestyle.

She’s also getting ready to record a commercial, which will be on the air soon. We won’t say who it’s for but a hint–it’s a “driving” part of her life.

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