Dyslexia effects 1 in 5 people

Dyslexia effects 1 in 5 people.  Many go undiagnosed below you’ll find a check list that could mean you or your child need tested. Dyslexia Institute of Indiana offers progmarms to help children and adults with dyslexia. Attending the upcoming Indiana Authors Breakfast is a great way to help fund local programs! Saturday, April 12, 2014, 8:30 am, Meridian Hills Country Club, Tickets on sale $40.00.   http://www.diin.org/

Dyslexia Red Flags

1.Confusion of similar looking letters (b/d, f/t, m/w, e/c)

2.Confusion with similarly sounding words (celery-salary) or

mispronunciation of words (spaghetti-pasghetti)

3.Difficulty with sequencing (days of the week, numbers)

4.Difficulty expressing thoughts, verbally or written

5.Difficulty with following directions, verbally or written

6.Spelling difficulties

7.Difficulty with rote memorization (math facts, history dates)

8.Family members with a history of struggling with reading and spelling

9.Anxiety over school, test taking, reading out loud, getting work completed

10.Appears to be guessing when reading (skips, adds, or changes words

the context)

11.Does not read for pleasure

12.Performance in school does not match student’s apparent potential





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