Animals head to East Coast to prevent overcrowding

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -More than 100 homeless Hoosier cats and dogs were taken to New England animal shelters Thursday as part of a transport program called Canine Express.

The program has taken place once a month for the past ten years. Thursday morning, another group of animals headed out east.

A group of people packed up the dogs and cats in crates and loaded them into four vans. They will drive through the night to get them to shelters that aren’t overcrowded. Organizers say those states provide funding for low-income families to have their pets spayed and neutered.

Lawmakers reviewed a similar proposal here, but it died in committee. Supporters say taking the animals out of state is the only option.

“If they stayed here, they would be killed by the shelters because of no space in their kennels,” an organizer told 24-Hour News 8.

Indiana does have a specialty license plate that helps contribute to a low-income spay-neuter program. Click here for more information on those plates.

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