Looking back at the 1974 Monticello tornado

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – On April 3, 1974 much of the town of Monticello, Ind. was destroyed by an F4 tornado. It was part of the so-called “Super Outbreak” of tornadoes on April 3 and 4 of that year. It is the largest outbreak of tornadoes in US history.

148 tornadoes touched down in a 24 hour period, killing over 300 people. The longest track of any of the tornadoes that day was the Monticello tornado, which was on the ground for 109 miles through Indiana.

Meteorologist Robb Ellis and Photojournalist Gary Gallinger went back to Monticello 40 years after the tornado to talk to survivors and see how the town is thriving years later.

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