Debate over e-cigarettes ignites in Greenfield

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) – A debate over the use of electronic cigarettes has ignited in one Hancock County community after the county’s health officer said the devices are included in its smoking ordinance.

According to the Greenfield Daily Reporter, the organizer of a petition to keep e-cigarettes separate planned to attend Tuesday’s meeting of the health department board.

Roughly 400 people had signed the petition started by the owner of the Vapor Lock store in Greenfield, Stephanie Rogers.

Rogers contended individual businesses should be allowed to decide how to regulate the devices.

E-cigarettes are battery operated and deliver a nicotine vapor to the lungs. Nicotine-free vapor is also an option for users. The devices started appearing in the United States in 2006. Federal officials have debated regulation and long-term health affects since that time.

According to the Daily Reporter, several elected county officials have said the decision to ban e-cigarettes should be reconsidered but did not say who or exactly how many there are with that opinion.

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