Suspect in homicide laughs on way to court

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – As 16-year-old Simeon Adams headed into court Thursday for his initial court appearance, he was seen smiling and laughing.

Adams is accused of shooting and killing 24-year-old expectant father, Nathan Trapuzzano, as he walked in his neighborhood.

In the initial court appearance, Adams had a plea of not guilty entered on his behalf.  Adams told the court he intended to try to hire his own attorney.

Adams’ attitude sparked outrage on social media. Many people posted angry comments on Facebook and Twitter.

“What in the world could he have to smile about,” asked one woman.

While another called Adams “so sad and so wicked.”

“That kid is broken,” said a man on Twitter.

A family member of Nathan Trapuzzano tweeted, “I’m heated beyond belief.”

24-Hour News 8 talked to Trapuzzano’s father-in-law, Karl Swihart, who said the family is ignoring coverage of Adams. Swihart says his daughter, Jennifer, is trying to recover and stay focused on her studies.

Swihart said he believes Adams’ criminal record shows the system is broken. Swihart believes Adams should have been behind bars before his son-in-law’s murder.

Adams’ next court appearance is May 2.

Trapuzzano’s family spoke to media after Adams’ arrest


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