Hoosiers link hands, show support for organ donors and recipients

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indiana Organ Procurement Organization and Donate Life Indiana helped coordinate the 3rd annual Linking Hands for Life event downtown on Friday. It’s to celebrate the gift of organ donation.

More than 1,500 Hoosiers are currently awaiting transplants. Organizers say the first step is to sign up and then talk to your family about your decision.

Lance Lewis was the recipient of a double lung transplant three years ago, following the death of IMPD Officer David Moore.

“It’s just really hard to describe. You got to the hospital and you wait—in my case, about seven hours before the surgery started—and you wake up afterwards and you’re taking a deep breath and it’s like wow, this is amazing, because I had been an oxygen for 24-hours a day prior to transplant. Couldn’t walk and up down steps at all,” Lewis said. “And it’s really, really amazing. It’s an entirely new life for me.”

Friday’s event is part of a National Donate Life Month campaign.

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