Steps to De-clutter your closets

Tis the season to stare at cluttered closets. We understand the frustration. It’s hard to know what to keep and what to donate or sell. These are some quick tips to help eliminate the frustration and suggestions on where to take it all!

Step 1: Take out everything that doesn’t fit or flatter. Don’t waste precious closet space on clothes that only decorate a hangar. Don’t forget your shoes! Quick tip: place your hangars in backwards. When you rehang them, hang them forward. At the end of the season, you will know which clothes you haven’t worn.

Step 2: Take inventory of your life. This is the practical side of you. What clothing does work and hobbies require. Move those to the side of the closet- those are keepers.

Step 3: Take inventory of your personality. Are their pieces that remain that help make you happy or motivated? Move those to the side of the closet- those are keepers.

Step 4: Review the remaining pieces and be honest- they probably need to be added to step 1.

For the second part of the fashion fix, I am often asked where to donate. There are so many amazing organizations that can put clothing in the hands of those who need it. For example, The Julian Center (

Goodwill Industries ( pop up donation site is happening tomorrow at The Church at the Crossing, on the Northside. They are calling it Donation Saturday and several non-profits including Wheeler Mission, an international shoe drive and other local charities will be collecting from the community. More info on that one can be found at


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