Parents, teachers campaign for change at IPS school

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Parents and teachers are campaigning for change at one failing IPS school.

They had petitions in hand on Thursday and were asking for signatures outside George Fisher School 93.

They’re trying to get enough signatures so that the school board will agree to implement Project Restore at the school.

Project Restore is a program created by two IPS teachers, that they say has already turned around two east-side schools.

They want the same change for School 93.

“We would like to be an ‘A’ school,” said Kevin Ludwig, School 93 teacher. “We would like all our students to pass ISTEP and IREAD. We would like all of our students to be on track to succeed in school and in life, and we think that can happen.”

So far, about 200 parents at School 93 have signed the petition, and all but one teacher has signed. They are hoping to get the project approved for next school year.

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