IPS offers $100k fellowships for new educating ideas

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A first of it’s kind proposal Tuesday night is aiming to turn around low performing schools in IPS.

The district is now searching for new leadership to bring new ideas on how to best educate students, in a way that hasn’t been tried before.

Indianapolis Public Schools in partnership with Mayor Ballard, the IPS Board of Commissioners and The Mind Trust, will offer “Innovation School” Fellowships.

As many as three fellowships will be awarded this year, giving leaders who are selected, an unprecedented amount of support and time to come up with a school model that will improve student performance in IPS.

Innovation School Fellowships:

  1. Anyone can apply.
  2. Winners receive $100,000 + $29,000 Health Ben. = $129,000.
  3.  Get support in creating model from the Mind Trust.
  4. New model should be ready to implement in 2015 – 2016 school year.

Dr. Ferebee says the focus for these fellowships is really to come up with a way to improve performance in neighborhood schools that have been classified as “failing.”

The fellowships will be awarded in June.

2014 timeline for first round of fellowships:

  • May 15 – Statements of Intent due
  • June 1 – Full applications due
  • June 11-13 – Informal Interviews
  • June 20 – Final interviews (including IPS representatives)
  • June 25 – Selection Committee approval
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