What’s co-op Grocery Store?

Pogue’s Run Grocer is a co-op, so what does that mean? A cooperative is based on a group of people coming together to meet a need. In this case, a group of people have come together with the goal of educating our community about the benefits of fresh, natural and local foods. By opening a storefront grocery store to an area that does not currently have access to fresh and healthy food , they believe they will bring new awareness of these options. All people in the community will have the opportunity to participate in classes on health and food, and to shop for their daily groceries at Pogue’s Run Grocer.The basis of a cooperative is a common goal — in this case, access to healthy food. To be successful, they require the commitment of many people in our community to support our efforts by becoming members and shopping at the store for daily food needs. In fact, it is estimated that a Co-op in a city the size of Indianapolis, 500 active member households and another 1,000 people shopping at the store regularly are needed to make it a financially viable not-for-profit business.

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