Neighborhood group wants less meetings and more action

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Rachel Cooper doesn’t hesitate to tell anyone how she feels, especially when it comes to meetings.

“People don’t think meetings are important,” said Cooper.

For years Cooper has given her time and talents to the Southeast Community Organization and is the group’s president. The neighborhood group works directly with police to point out problems in her community. Cooper would like to see more immediate action from the city after a problem is uncovered.

“I think it is a band aid on a sore,” said Cooper as she referred to meetings.

However, Public Safety Director Troy Riggs has formed several efficiency teams that are designed to help make the Department of Public Safety more effective.

Those teams have found a public safety foundation that has raised more than $200,000. One team discovered a way to reassign 111 police officers to street patrols.

Also, the team found savings to hire 40 civilian employees so officers could return to the streets.

The teams face deadlines and administrative reviews once goals and missions are established.

“Our workforce is learning, don’t make promises you can’t keep. We will hold you accountable,” said Riggs.

Residents can also give their opinion on how to make DPS safer, or join one of the efficiency groups by emailing

Those that would like to keep track of DPS should log onto their website.

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