Columbus officer stuck by used needle

COLUMBUS, Ind. (WISH) – Police said a Columbus officer was stuck by a needle on a syringe early Monday morning.

According to Columbus Police Department spokesman Lt. Matt Myers, patrolman Mark Hutcheson was pricked with the needle while searching Jessica Olson, 29,  after he had pulled her over for a traffic violation. Police said there were four people inside of the car at the time. During the investigation Hutcheson smelled burnt marijuana.

As Hutcheson patted Olson down he was pricked in the finger by a syringe. He was taken to Columbus Regional Hospital and later released, according to Myers.

Tuesday Hutcheson returned back to work, but the will have to go thru a series of test. According to IU Health, those pricked by a foreign needle are tested for HIV, and hepatitis. The victims are tested in 6 week, 3 months, and 6 month intervals. In addition to the testing, the victims are encouraged to take medication to treat post HIV exposure.

Overall the risk is low for infection.

Olson is facing several charges for possession and false reporting. According to Columbus Lt. Matt Myers, officers run the risk of being pricked with a needle daily, that is why they usually get hepatitis vaccinations.

“That is always a concern, do they (suspects) have a needle or anything that would injure an officer,” said Myers.

In this case police say Hutcheson did nothing wrong.




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