Athlete of the Week: Keith Ponsler

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) -Westfield junior golf star Keith Ponsler may not be playing on the PGA Tour quite yet, but he’s making his mark on Central Indiana golf.

“Keith is everyone’s favorite, he attracts everyone, so Keith’s got the potential to be a great leader because everyone likes his personality,” said Westfield head golf coach Jon Hoover.  “As a golfer, consistent, steady, hard working.”

It’s those qualities that helped lead Westfield to their first ever state golf title last season, setting a new state meet record in the process.

“I finally felt like all the work that I put in as a kid has paid off,” said Keith.  “Everything I did growing up, I kinda felt it come together at one moment, and it was just a special moment.”

“[He] played a big part in all of last year,” added Hoover.  “We ended up with 141 wins and 8 losses last year, and I think Keith counted in I think, every match.”

The Shamrocks are eyeing a repeat at the state championship in June.  Keith is also hoping to continue to play in college.

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