Fletcher Place seeing parking problems

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – With the addition of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, cultural districts are booming with business. Neighbors in Fountain Square, Mass Ave. and Broad Ripple have been dealing with increased traffic and reduced parking for years now. Fletcher Place is the latest neighborhood to join them with newfound popularity.

Fletcher Place is littered with homes dating back to the late 1800s. Over the last several years there’s been a revolution to renovate the homes, making the area very livable, close to downtown and historically quiet.

Neighbors say they are happy for the growth of new business that the cultural trail has brought but are concerned that there isn’t enough parking to accommodate employees, new residents and patrons of these establishments.

Residents are asking for more parking zones as well as mandating new businesses to provide more parking spaces than zoning laws require.

Neighbors, neighborhood leaders and project developers are expected to be at the monthly Fletcher Place Neighborhood Association meeting at 7:00 p.m. at Fletcher Place Arts and Books on Virginia Avenue.

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