Burglars steal guns, jewelry from Franklin Township home

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  Burglars hit a Franklin Township home Monday, getting away with thousands of dollars worth of items, including a big screen TV.

It happened near Southport Road and Nuckols Lane.

Rusty Clark says when he got home from work Monday, his door was wide open. Someone had simply kicked it in, and had gone through the entire home, stealing a shotgun, a muzzleloader, jewelry, a 50 inch TV, and a laptop.

“I was just thinking last night as I went to bed, somebody was in my house that I didn’t know, just going through all my stuff,” said Clark. “You just feel very violated.”

Clark has insurance.

He says he’s now fixing his front door, using a metal plate to secure the locks now.

“The wood is easy for them to pop through.. they now will have a hard time with the metal,” said Clark.

He says he’s hoping others learn from what happened to him, and secure their doors, because it can happen anywhere.

An interesting consideration from metro police: numbers through March 29th, show burglaries are actually down 26-percent from that time last year.

Clark did have the serial numbers from his guns to share with police. Police recommend you write down the serial numbers for anything important to you: even TV’s, playstation, or iPads.

Make sure you have insurance, and speak to your neighbors so they can watch out as well during the day.

Also – police say alarm systems and surveillance cameras can work to ward off criminals, or to catch them in the act.

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