Car seat harness tied to child’s death

(WISH Photo, file)
(WISH Photo, file)

LOOGOOTEE, Ind. (WISH) – Indiana State Police are investigating the circumstances behind the death of an 11-month-old child.

Investigators say Wednesday afternoon, the child’s babysitter placed the 11-month-old into a car seat, and buckled the child in. After securing the child in the seat, police say the babysitter realized the child’s diaper needed to be changed.

The babysitter unfastened the crotch buckle of the seat, and left the room to get another diaper. She told investigators that she was gone from the room for no more than two minutes to get the diaper and refill a drink for another child.

Police say when the babysitter returned, she found the child had slid down in the seat and became asphyxiated by the upper portion of the seat harness. She contacted emergency personnel and attempted to perform CPR on the child until first responders arrived. The child was pronounced dead.

Investigators say an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday. No names have been released and the case is under investigation.


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