West side apartment explosion ruled accidental

(WISH Photo/Chopper 8)
(WISH Photo/Chopper 8)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The investigation into what caused an explosion at a west side apartment complex earlier this month has been concluded, and investigators say it was accidental.

Fire investigators released the following statement on the explosion’s origin and cause:

“Based on investigation interviews and physical evidence presented, it is our consensus that the explosion occurred due to an unintentional, accidental opening of a gas line inside the townhouse of origin #2619.  The slow release of this natural gas into the townhome interior continued over a period of time long enough to reach a point of saturation that caused an explosion…..at the point when the correct mix of oxygen and an ignition source was introduced to the gas rich environment.”

Six people were injured in the explosion. At this time, officials say the investigation is complete.

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