Tim Shurr has 10 Bits of Commencement Wisdom to Remember

Motivation Expert Tim Shurr offers:
10 Bits of Commencement Wisdom To Remember!
1. You are more resilient than you think.
2. Risks are often the best opportunities so take them!
3. Success is the best revenge. Ignore your critics.
4. Joy is what you will remember, not the worry.
5. Ban self-doubt. Stay open and proactive!
6. Be happy, but not satisfied.
7. Practice letting people in, not shutting them out.
8. Know your power. You can do anything!
9. Keep balance. Whether at work or play, go all out!
10. Know your values and live by them

If you would like to contact Tim, visit his website at www.IndyHypnosis.com

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