Woman arrested for bringing urine-filled condom to courthouse

(Provided Photo/Shelby County Sheriff's Department)
(Provided Photo/Shelby County Sheriff's Department)

SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – A Morristown woman was arrested Thursday after police said she brought a urine-filled condom to the courthouse before a drug test.

According to a police report, Jean N. Reed, 34, went to the probation office at the Shelby County Courthouse around 3 p.m.

An officer conducted a search on Reed before the drug test and said he did not find anything.The officer said when she came back into the room, the wristband she was wearing before was gone.

Reed told the officer her wristband was in the lobby. According to the police report, the officer found Reed’s wristband with a condom full of urine inside.

Another probation officer told police he saw a man pass something to Reed and noticed a piece of latex on the floor.

Police arrested Reed at the courthouse. She is facing an obstruction of justice felony charge, along with an interfering with a drug/alcohol screening charge and a possession of a device to interfere with a drug/alcohol screening charge.

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