Parents speak for the first time after daughter was shot by stray bullet

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Darye and Dija Henry sat in a park and opened up about a deadly night that unfolded in their typically quiet subdivision.

On May 19th, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department responded to a deadly shooting in the 5200 block of Lakemanor Drive.

On that night, three people were killed, one person was arrested, and several homes were struck by stray bullets.

Some of those stray bullets hit the Henry’s home. One bullet struck the Henry’s 10-year-old daughter in the leg, another hit their 8-year-old daughter’s pillow who was sleeping.

“I was trying hard to keep focus, I was very angry,” said Darye Henry.

An ambulance arrived to the home and rushed the little girl to the hospital in good condition. She was later released.

“I know God spared us that night, we counted ten that went through the house and there were six of us at home,” said Dija.

Homicide detectives later arrested Montrel Humphrey, 20, of Gary, Indiana for the shootings. Police believe Humphrey was part of a team of people that tried to rob a suspected drug house in the area when the shootout started.

In the past Dija, produced a stage production called A Song for Peace. The stage play brought awareness to crime and violence in the city.

To learn more about A Song for Peace, click here.

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