Hidden cash clues pop up again in downtown Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A “hidden cash” clue was tweeted again on Thursday.

Just before noon, @HiddenCashIndy tweeted: “Perfect day to hang out by the canal. More cash can be found here.”

There was also a picture of the USS Indianapolis Memorial attached to the tweet.

The winner found $187 downtown near the canal.

It’s anyone’s guess when the next cash drop will happen, but later on Thursday, @HiddenCashIndy tweeted: “Cue Pharrell, tomorrow is going to be a real Happy Friday in Indy.

The Twitter bio for @HiddenCashIndy reads as follows:

Lifelong Hoosier Wanting To Pay It Forward ** Hidden Cash All Over Indy ** Clues Daily ** Spread the Love ** Make Someone Feel Good Today

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