Louie and Lil’ Bit Of Heaven Rescue

Patty Spitler, Pet Pals TV introduces us to Lisa Mills from Lil’ Bit Of Heaven Rescue then we get an update on the condition of her beloved Bernese Mountain Dog “Louie”. Louie has been at Patty’s side for the last 9 years. He’s had such a profound impact on Patty’s life, which she will gladly tell you about.

Louie has touched the lives of many with his big smile, kind eyes and warm disposition. You can’t help but wrap your arms around him!  Many viewers miss seeing him weekly on Indy Style and today Patty brings Louie by for a visit. In spite of his failing health, Louie has a smile for everyone.

Considering maybe a rescued pet as part of your family? Maybe a small rescue is what you are looking for…Lil Bit Of Heaven could be just the ticket… Lisa Mills from Lil’ Bit Of Heaven Rescue says if you can’t adopt, maybe attend their fundraiser this weekend.


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