Firefighter recruits participate in training

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – 19 firefighter recruits in Wayne Township participated in training that could save their lives on Thursday.

The recruits learned how to survive a flashover, which is essentially when all the items in the room, or building, reach 1,000 degrees and burst into flames all at once.

“If we’re observing what’s happening in a flashover inside of a structure, it’s almost too late at that point. So, if we teach them now how to recognize those conditions by watching fire behavior then we’re going to potentially save their lives if they’re ever in a similar situation out on the streets,” said Captain Mike Pruitt with the Wayne Township Fire Department.

The training is part of a 21-week course. The recruits come from six towns from across the state.

“This is vital to us being able to read our environment in a situation that could create a flashover,” said Adam Smith, a recruit with the Pike Township Fire Department.

“It can save lives if you know what to look for and if you’re prepared,” said Smith.

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