Hendricks Co. family not hurt after storm hits home

HENDRICKS COUNTY (WISH) – In eastern Hendricks County, that tornado ripped up trees, left power lines down, and damaged more than a dozen homes in the area.

No one was hurt.

One home sustained major damage, when the tornado ripped the roof off, and threw an RV from a neighboring home into the front of it.

Don Rackley and his two grandsons were home at the time, and Rackley says they were able to make it to the bathroom in time, before the storm hit.

“I was scared to death. I didn’t know what was going on. Just to make sure my two grand kids were okay, one is six and one is two,” he said.

“There was lightning, and then we went in bathroom and had flashlights,” explained his grandson Will. “Then some guys came in and saved us said anybody here, anybody here?”

Rackley said some people stopped by right after the storm and ran inside to make sure they were okay.

“We were just fine, weren’t we buddy,” he said.

Once they got outside, they saw their neighbor’s RV, in their front yard. Witnesses said it was thrown from the side of one home, to the front of another.

It was Phil Lawrence’s RV. He says his family wasn’t home, but when he got back, he was shocked to see what had happened.

“Some of the witnesses said they saw it picked up, straight up… then dumped over here,” he explained. “Thank god Don and his grand babies are okay,” he added.

A restoration company had covered the roof with a tarp, and started the clean up process, by the time night fell Tuesday evening.

The company estimates it could take months to fully repair the damage.

According to preliminary reports by the National Weather Service damage was caused by an EF-1 tornado.

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