Neighbors pool money for police patrols

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Neighbors in Irvington are getting ready to launch Safe Indy patrols on the east side. Safe Indy puts off-duty police officers, who have gone through the police academy, in areas where neighbors say they want to see extra security.

A group of neighbors or a neighborhood association can pool money to pay for Safe Indy patrols. Irvington neighbors are each pitching in $25 every month.

The King Park area just north of downtown has already started using the Safe Indy patrols. The officers who patrol the streets also work or live in that neighborhood, which Safe Indy says gives them an edge. Two Indianapolis police officers started the program, and now around 20 officers take part in the patrols.

Residents in Irvington say they hope the extra patrols will detour crime like vandalism and burglaries. The Safe Indy patrols are not a replacement for IMPD beat officers, but rather a supplement.

Safe Indy says in case of an emergency people should always call 911, not Safe Indy or a patrolling officer.

Irvington’s patrols should launch within the next two weeks. Fountain Square is also in the early planning stages as well.

For more information on Safe Indy, click here.

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