IMS scoring pylon down after 20 years

(WISH Photo/Adam Good)
(WISH Photo/Adam Good)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A fixture at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for 20 years is no longer standing.

Crews removed the 97-foot scoring pylon at IMS on Monday to make way for a new display.  The current pylon had been there since 1994.  It replaced one that had been there since 1959.

“While there’s some sadness, there’s also some excitement that we’re going to see the third pylon that’s going to go up here,” IMS president Doug Boles said. “It’s what we’re going to be used to for future generations at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but what we’re looking forward to is now we have the video capabilities to really communicate to our fans in the seats in a way that we never have before.”

It will be replaced by a more modern tower that’s expected to be in place by the middle of July.



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