Gnome funny business: Thieves get away with 70 pound gnomes

(WANE Photo)
(WANE Photo)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A woman who lives on the Northeast side is saying enough’s enough. After two of her custom-poured, 70 pound gnomes were stolen from her front yard, she took things a step further.

Ellen Goeglein has been collecting specialty gnomes made in Atlanta for years. The reason: they remind her of her husband James. Ellen paints them herself. She told 24-News 8’s sister station NewsChannel 15 she paints them to look like the Travelocity gnome: red hat, white beard, blue shirt, and red pants.

The Goeglein’s say after the first two gnomes were stolen from their home, they chained the remaining two to their home and installed a motion-activated camera. It also issues a verbal warning that the person is being recorded. She’s also worried if the men might be armed and dangerous. Since the thefts, Ellen says her family has been locking all of their doors, including the screen door.

Saturday night Ellen caught two men on camera attempting to steal one of the gnomes. They got away empty handed.

Ellen called police and filed a report. If you know either of the men, call police.

Ellen said she’s not looking to press charges, she just wants her gnomes back.

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