Most common cause of dizziness and vertigo -migraine

Dr Scott Sanders, BalanceMD  is back with us today. Dr. Sanders previously taught us about a common type of vertigo called BPPV that can be cured instantly by a special head movement. He is back with us today to discuss the most common cause of dizziness and vertigo -migraine.

This condition, known as “vestibular migraine” or “migraine-associated dizziness” is under diagnosed as a cause of dizziness. Two main reasons for this – 1) many who suffer with this condition have a wide variation in the type and duration of symptoms and 2) they are not having headaches associated with when they are feeling dizzy or off balance. Most often, they do have a prior history of migraine headaches, but if these patients do have current headaches, they are often mild or are described as “sinus” headache. Some patients report NEVER having had a headache in their life, but one month after starting a medication to prevent migraine, they are symptom-free for the first time in years or decades.


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