18th Annual Race for Riley with John Andretti

Race car driver John Andretti, “The event is FREE but we are asking for donations, it is for a great cause to help support  Riley Hospital for Children.”

Imagine if we lived in a world where no child suffers from illness, children recover from injury quickly and completely, and every child has an equal chance of growing to adulthood. Thanks to people like John Andretti and Dave Wilson and their support of Riley Hospital for Children, along with your support of the Kroger Race for Riley, we’re already on our way.

Four out of five children with leukemia can now look forward to full lives. Fewer children need heart transplants because of new, minimally invasive methods and techniques for treatment, many of which were pioneered at Riley. Indiana schools have more guidance than ever in making their environments safer for children with allergies and asthma, thanks to Riley’s leadership.



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