Indiana University Health on Choosing a pediatrician

“We are going to be a team until your child goes to college,” says Dr. Laura Calili Indiana University Health. With that said you need to choose carefully and wisely the pediatrician for your child.

Below you’ll find a list of question to ask yourself that could really help if you are looking for your first pediatrician or looking for a new pediatrician:

  • How does your child respond to the doctor?
  • Does the doctor seem to enjoy working with children?
  • Does the doctor seem to know about the latest medical advances?
  • Does the doctor welcome questions?
  • Does the doctor take time to discuss problems and listen to your concerns?
  • If it’s a group practice, do you know and like the other doctors?
  • Is the office staff patient and helpful?
  • How long do you usually have to wait?
  • Is the waiting room pleasant and kid-friendly?
  • Is parking plentiful and convenient?
  • Is there anything you don’t like or wish was different about your child’s doctor or her practice?

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