Summertime pet safety

“Veterinarians are seeing many heat stroke cases that could be avoide,” saysTom Dock from Noah’s Animal Hospital. Today on Indy Style Tom offers tips on how you can help your pets survive during this hot Indiana summer.

Summertime is a great time for relaxation and fun, but we should all be aware of the potential dangers for our furry friends!

Never leave your pet unattended in a car during warm weather. Not only can the car’s internal temperature climb past 110 degrees in just an hour, it is now also a crime in many states and cities.When running errands, leave your dog at home. Just a few minutes in a hot car can spell disaster for your pet.

To keep your pet’s safe, always know the weather forecast. Knowing the high temperature for the day can help you decide whether your dog needs to stay indoors while you are gone.

If you find your pet collapsed in the yard, disoriented, or panting excessively, move him immediately to a cooler environment. Use cool water towels across the neck and belly along with fans to bring his temperature down. Don’t use ice!






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