Officials: Bicyclist’s death ruled accidental

(Provided Photo/Shelby Lynn Roberts)
(Provided Photo/Shelby Lynn Roberts)

CICERO, Ind. (WISH) — An deadly incident originally believed to be a hit-and-run crash involving a bicyclist has been ruled an unfortunate accident.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office determined bicyclist Nicholas Camp wasn’t hit by a vehicle. Investigators believe Camp lost control of his bike while riding southbound on Main Street in Cicero. While crashing, he hit the handlebars of his bike, which killed him.

Investigators said they came to the determination through looking at the lack of roadway evidence, the damage to the bike and autopsy results. National experts were also consulted.

Police officials said it’s still possible a vehicle came near enough to Camp to startle him, causing him to lose control. But no vehicle ever made contact with him or his bike.

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