Dad helps replace stolen kids’ bikes

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – An Indiana man is doing his part in helping kids whose bikes were recently stolen.

Jeff Winchester is doing his best to combat a terrible situation with an act of kindness.

Monday night, Winchester and his two daughters saw a story about kids having their bikes stolen on a street in Terre Haute.

Winchester recently opened up a new bike repair shop in Clinton, Indiana called Pike Bike Tune-up and Repair.

It’s not only a business but also a hobby for him and his daughters, something they do together.

Winchester decided to utilize his business and fix donated bikes for free and then re-donate the bikes back to kids whose bikes were stolen.

Winchester says he really needs bikes for boys and girls ages 10 to 14; they’re the hardest to find.

If you would like to donate a bicycle or need to replace a stolen bike for a child, call Jeff Winchester at (812) 249-4515. Or you can send Winchester a message on the Pike Bike Tune-up and Repair Facebook page.

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