Local Survivalist Creek Stewart has a new series on the Weather Channel

Local Survivalist Creek Stewart previews his new series, “Fat Guys in the Woods” for The Weather Channel. “Fat Guys in the Woods” premieres on Sunday, August 10 at 10:00 p.m. ET. In every episode of “Fat Guys in the Woods,” Creek brings three average Joes to the woods to survive for a week with only one objective: to teach them the skills that make a man, a man.

The premiere episode features three friends from California, with Creek’s guidance, who embark on a bitter cold survival adventure in the Smoky Mountains during record-breaking low temperatures…the same week where three hikers were airlifted from the same region after battling for their lives. After making a massive wikiup shelter and starting a fire with flint they find in the woods, the guys need to survive the freezing weather conditions and find food armed with little beyond their own two hands.

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