Fairgoers line up for a taste of beer, wine

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Beer and wine lovers lined up to get a taste of history at the fairgrounds. A beer and wine exhibit opened for the first time in 46 years at the Grand Hall.

“It’s been a long time my grandfather told me times it use to be at the fair and now it’s back,” said fairgoer Matt Gentry.

You had to be at least 21 years old to enter the exhibit. Customers that passed the first test were greeted with a list of rules. Each person can only purchase three beers or three glasses of wine.

Servers kept track of the three drink limit with wristbands.

“They’ll be able to come to the bar and make three $5 purchases which they’ll take one tab at each time or they can buy a flight for tastings. That’s a $5 purchase and they’ll get four tastings for a $5 purchase,” operations manager Denny Newman said.

But there’s nothing preventing a person from leaving and coming back for a second wristband. A reality the servers realize.

“We will also check ID’s inside of the hall, it’s a good way for us to check people’s intoxication levels, but we will refuse service at point of sale, so just because you came in the doors, we’re still going to check those to make sure that we’re serving as safely as we possibly can,” Newman said.

Security guards were posted by the doors, and bartenders were given strict orders on how to deal with anyone unwilling to comply with the rules.

All of the breweries and wineries inside the exhibit are from the State of Indiana. It’s estimated there are more than 80 wineries in the state of Indiana.

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