Family speaks about the dangers of N-Bomb drug

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) – A few months after a 16-year-old boy was killed taking a synthetic drug his mother gave a warning on Tuesday night.

The Greenwood community is still mourning the loss of Samuel Motsay, a high school athlete and straight-A student. But Sam’s family isn’t allowing his death to be in vain.

On Tuesday night they stood on a stage at a public forum, teaching whoever would listen, the dangers of 25i-NBOMe or N-Bomb, a synthetic form of LSD.

Motsay’s mom read a letter she wrote to Sam after his death.

“I wish that before you died, I knew what I know now about 25 I or NBome, the drug that killed you but I didn’t know then what I do know now,” said Jeanine Motsay.

Johnson County Sheriff, Doug Cox, also spoke at the forum. He said he wants parents to talk to their kids about N-Bome which is a new drug on the scene in Central Indiana that has left teens nationwide dead or seriously injured.

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