‘Potato Chip Lady’ passes away at 90

(WANE Photo)
(WANE Photo)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – She made headlines when she went on the “Tonight Show” in 1987 to show off her potato chip collection to Johnny Carson. Potato chips that look like animals, numbers, letters, people, and cartoon characters.

Myrtle Young, 90, died Saturday of natural causes. Young was a potato chip inspector at Seyfert’s for 17 years. As she pulled off potato chips that had imperfections, she began to collect the ones that looked like people and things. Young had more than 300 potato chips in her world famous collection.

She is survived by her daughter Marilyn Wiles. WANE-TV spoke with Wiles on the phone Monday. She recalled her mother bringing home the chips. Wiles said she traveled with her mother to on-air appearances.

You may remember, Carson played a trick on Young, by pretending to chomp down on one of her beloved chips. To hear more about where Young’s potato chips led her, and where her collection will go next, stay tuned to Nightcast, tonight at eleven.

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