Fortville clerk says she’s working to fix pension mess

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Computer issues, a heavy workload and an unverified bank account are to blame for pension problems in the town of Fortville, Indiana.

At least, that’s the contention of the town’s clerk-treasurer, Marcie Stafford.

On Thursday, Stafford, who has been under fire for failing to transfer monies to pension coffers, said she turned a corner and was able to make one transaction to the police pension fund after the state’s pension system verified the town’s bank account. It’s been an ongoing problem for months which has led to increased tension among civic leaders in this small town northeast of Indianapolis.

Stafford says she is overwhelmed by her workload and has failed to make three payments in as many months to state’s pension system. Fortville Police Chief Bill Knauer says money was being removed from his officers’ paychecks, but weren’t being transferred into a pension coffer specifically created for emergency responders.

His concern was that those monies weren’t earning interest and he’s worried his officers might not have long-term disability coverage should they need it.

Knauer did confirm Thursday that Stafford was making the effort to correct the issues.

Stafford has complained of needing an assistant for several months. A state audit last year noted that the town needed more “segregation of duties” to avoid financial risk.

The town council voted just last week to hire her an assistant.

Stafford might still be responsible for paying late fee penalties.

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